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Stiff Person Syndrome

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Question: I forgot the name of this book! The main character's neighbor that has Stiff Person Syndrome? I read this book last year, I think it won some kind of a reward. The main character is a girl, she's about 10 I think. She lives in an apartment and her neighbor has Stiff Person Syndrome, a disease where you're afraid to leave the house. Her mother was mentally disabled I think and the main character goes to search information about her mother. She ends up at a facility center I think that her mother resided in and she finds out many things she's never known about her mother. I can't remember what the title of the book was called. I think the cover was blue? The title was one word? Please if you know what it's called, comment below.

Answer: "So B. It" by Sarah Weeks. The book cover (blue):… About the book/summary:

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