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Cervix Cancer

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Question: I suffer from vaginismus and is this a symptom I have cervix cancer. How to overcome this problem ? I manage to conceive and I have a 2 year old girl thru a C-Section. I've been married for 3 years now and due to this, my marriage is in the brink. I got scared whenever my husband wants it. It's a painful experience for me and I am embarassed to see a doctor as it is a very private matter.

Answer: Vaginismus is NOT a symptom of cervical cancer. It sounds to me like you are having intercourse, even if it's painful. Vaginismus makes intercourse impossible because the muscle seizes up. This is definately something that you should discuss with your doctor. You may have an infection that can easily be cleared up with proper medical treatment. If you are still convinced that you have vaginismus (and it's certainly possible to develop it if you continue to have painful intercourse), visit You can even order yourself a set of graduated dilators there. Best of luck.

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