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Stomach Cancer

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Question: My mother died of stomach cancer, so what are the steps I should take to protect myself from cancer? I read the symptoms and treatments on WebMD, but what i want to know is what the odds are that I would get cancer too. My mother was diagnosed with stomach cancer in its late stages, and lasted only 2 painful months. I would definitely like to avoid that with some preventative measures. I will stay away from carcinogens (nitrates such as smoked/burned foods), but who do i turn to for a checkup or if i feel that symptoms of stomach cancer is showing?

Answer: Unfortunately nobody knows what causes most cancers. Most, however, are random with only a small proportion being due to hereditary factors. I'm sorry to hear about your mother. My mother too died of stomach cancer; her six children are now all in their 40s and 50s and only one (me) has had cancer, and that was random, like most cancers, and unconnected to my mother's cancer. There are no foods proven to prevent cancer or affect its progress in any way - people recommending foods, diets or 'alternatives' (which in this context means unproven) have invariably never had cancer. Someone has mentioned apricot kernels and Lorraine Day, and as both these approaches to cancer are dangerous, I'm posting these links to some facts about them:

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