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Question: What is low grade lymphoma and how is it treated? My friend just had a melanoma removed on her leg a month ago and two days ago they removed her lymph node near her iliac crest. The preliminary biopsy says it is not melanoma, but now they suspect it is low grade lymphoma. One doctor told her it could be a "false positive" Pet Scan. There is another suspicious lymph node at her aortic base. They did not biopsy that. Is it normal to have a melanoma and lymphoma, or did they just happen to discover these inflammed lymph nodes because of the melanoma promting the Pet Scan. Is it possible she has always had inflammed lymph nodes? I sure hope so!

Answer: I assume 'low grade' means the tumour (if that's what it is) is not dividing particularly rapidly and is possibly not as invasive/liable to spread as a higher grade tumour. This is good news as it means it should be easier to treat.

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