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Question: If users on YAWS are moaning for wrestling ability in WWE how come they say Kozlov have no wrestling talent? Vladimir Kozlov is a very good mat wrestler and did MMA and is fluent in many fighting styles so he obviously knows a lot of holds. Sure he may botch and doesn't have much mic skills, but Brock Lesnar was the same and people talk about him like he is a brilliance of wrestling.

Answer: Vladimir Kozlov is a good wrestler. He's had backgrounds in Sambo and what not. Exactly what you said. People on here just don't like him because he's not going to do a Swanton Bomb or a Shooting Star Press. He's not going to do a lot of huge high spot wrestling. Like you said, he's a MAT wrestler. He's not really a showman. Me, I always prefer the more technical mat wrestling types. I like Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio and all, but honestly, with their style of wrestling, they are more limited since they are high-flyers in WWE, so their matches tend to get a little routine. Technical guys like Vladimir and William Regal [how underrated is he?] end up impressing me the most with their matches. I saw one match from No Mercy 2006, and it was Regal vs. Benoit. That match was AWESOME, but it was very underrated, because it was a technical and strickly mat wrestling match. If I'm not mistaken, the only time anyone went to the top rop was once when Benoit went to do his flying headbutt. As for the botching, I don't see it all that often and I'm VERY good at pointing out botches. Vladimir must just be good at covering it up. I like his mic skills as well. I think it's cool that he says something in Russian and then something in English. I'm actually Russian myself, so I might be biased, lol, but I still like it. But, anyway, long story short - I agree fully with you.

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