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Viral Infections Of The Mouth

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Question: What are some treatments for my viral mouth infection? Alright it all started off with a canker sore on my tongue, then that healed i think, then after I got 2 more, Now my soft palate on the roof of my mouth is all inflamed (looked like I have chickenpox on the roof of my mouth) and they're sore and red. Now I have like inflamed red tastebuds and they are kinda painful. So its annoying to eat now cuz they are all sensitive, my soft palate doesnt hurt tho, i can swallow without pain, my tongue is just irritated adn inflamed. Anyone have any idea what the reason is for this? i have a feeling its from too much sugary foods (pop, slushies, etc). What are some treatments? im seeing the doctor tomorrow.

Answer: sounds like thrush, you need nystatin Rinse, you can get it over the counter at any pharmacy. The sore outside your mouth is a pimple.

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