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Urticaria Acute

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Question: Can you die from chronic acute urticaria? I really need to know. If the condition is really bad, can the person die? PLEASE HELP FreeYourMind. I dont know really what the term is, just know that my friend has it, and i wondered if he could die from it, seeing as it can affect your immune system, because he said that the condition is called 'Chronic Acute Urticaria', so i worte that. And i want to use the complex words, because then only people who know what they are talking about answer.

Answer: Okay, first off "chronic" and "acute" are contradicting terms. Chronic Urticaria and Acute Urticaria are completely different ailments. Secondly, the question you just asked me is if a chronic and/or acute dermatological allergic reaction can kill you? You basically just asked if you can be killed by hives. Let me explain... if it's outside your body, it will cause a nasty rash. If its inside, it can be fatal... but that's a completely different condition. Yes, an allergic reaction can be fatal if exposed long enough to the allergen for it to permeate the skin. HOWEVER, you're not asking if an allergic reaction can kill you, you're asking if a symptom of an allergic reaction can kill you. Acute Urticaria on its own cannot result in death. Other effects from the exposed allergen could cause death, but this condition alone cannot cause death. The chronic version of course is a more long-term effect of the acute version. Thus the word "chronic" DUH. It can last up to a year or more. However, the condition alone cannot kill you. The exposure to the allergen in other ways may, but no, not Urticaria. By the way, next time you want to ask a question, use a more common word. I guarantee no one else passing by your question had any idea what you were asking. ****in regards to additional info Good Point, hey, it got my attention. Well the severity depends on which it is, but either way... there is virtually no chance of fatal results. Rest easy, your friend should be fine.

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