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Trichomycosis Axillaris

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Question: Trichomycosis axillaris--over the counter treament? I just noticed that my husband has this yellowish coating on the pubic hairs on his testicles. we looked it up and found that it is something called Trichomycosis axillaris--a bacterial/fungal infection of the hair follicle or whatever. I am totally grossed out by it, and want to help him get rid of it. Considering it is benign, he doesnt seem to be bothered by it very much. He is in the army, and works out in the desert, spending weeks out there at a time, often they are unable to shower as much as normal people. Because of this, he feels like it would be pointless to try and get rid of it because he is out in the field two weeks out of every single month of the year, and he feels like it wouldnt do any good to worry about it, Well, i dont care what he says, I want it gone! Ive read that shaving the area is a good start. But id also like to get my hands on some kind of cream or wash(i also read about those) from the drug store thats over the counter so he can use it asap!! what products can we get without a prescription? he doesnt have the time to go to the doctor any time soon unless its absolutely critical. so please, what can we buy to make this gross infection go away!!!

Answer: Daily cleansing with soap and water and an application of benzoyl peroxide generally cures the infection. It's superficial bacterial colonization. You can find benzoyl peroxide in OTC acne treatments. Read the labels. Oh, and no need to shave. Did you REALLY think he'd go along with that?

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