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Traction Alopecia

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Question: If I use rogaine for traction alopecia, and my hair begins to grow back will i have to continue rogaine? I have thinning hair. I think it is due to tight braids that i have been getting for the last few years. 8 months ago i noticed thinning but thought it was genetic. But now i think traction may be the culprit. I was wondering if i could just use rogaine to kickstart the regrowth process and then stop after i see my initial regrowth?

Answer: Normally, I would say that yes, you have to keep using it or it would go back to the prior loss pattern. However, if yours is really from traction/pulling, then DHT hormone (the usual culprit) should not be the problem and I don't see why you would have to continue using the Rogaine. I would just try it, see if it works, when you're satisfied stop using it and see what happens. You can always pick the product back up again if you see your hair shedding has accelerated again. :)

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