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Tooth Discoloration

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Question: Tooth discoloration!? I am currently 16 years old and had tooth discoloration since May. I visited my orthodontist and appears that my tooth had no apparent problem. No abnormal movement, pain or any other weakness; just the appearance. To my amazement, he said he would do root canal if i am worried about my appearance. But there was no problem so i declined. So i left it alone and thought hmm..maybe it will get better? I thought about bleaching but the discoloration is within the tooth so i don't think it would do any good. oh and i don't think there was any trauma to the tooth when i first discovered my tooth problem. the discoloration is on one of my lateral incissors, bottom jaw. so what can i do to treat this? is it serious?

Answer: YOu need a scale and polish and tooth whitening done at the dentist

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