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Telogen Effluvium

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Question: telogen effluvium? I lost a lot of weight and was really stressed last year. My hair started falling out in the summer. My derma just told me that I have non scarring and not permanent alopecia which is "telogen effluvium" Does anyone know how long it takes to regrow hair and stop falling out? or what I can do? I'm only 14.

Answer: When you are stressed, no matter what your age, you loose vitamins in your body. A sign of vitamin deficiency is hair loss. Take a good multi-vitamin called Active Women's Multi from GNC. Within a week, you should begin to not feel so sleepy and tired. When you are able to begin to sleep better, your hair will stop falling out. Then, after a couple of weeks, it should start growing back in. But as long as you are loosing your hair due to stress, it won't begin to grow back. This is something that your doctor should have told you!

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