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Tattoo Reactions

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Question: tattoo reactions? I have had my tattoo for over a year and now it seems that there are bumps developing in the tattoo. I can't tell the colour of the bumps because the colour of my tat hides it i just feel these bumps and they itch. Does anyone know what this could be? Am I in trouble?

Answer: If you've had the tattoo over a year, then I wouldn't worry too much with regards to the tattoo being ruined. It could just be a temporary allergic reaction to something (scented lotion, perfume) you had over it. Don't scratch it it might spread into a rash or irritate it even more. I wouldn't recommend an anti-itch cream, cuz it could cause fading on your tattoo. Wash it with anti-bacterial soap & warm water, then moisturize it with unscented lotion and it should go away eventually.

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