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Pseudolymphoma Cutaneous

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Question: Does anyone know about cutaneous pseudolymphoma and tattoos? I have a bump that has shown up on my finger since I got a tattoo on my arm. Does anyone know if a cutaneous pseudolymphoma that shows up sometimes when you get a tattoo always occur at the site of the tattoo? Or can it be in another spot?

Answer: From what I've read and know of cutaneous pseudolymphoma it would seem that your eruption would most likely occur at the tattoo site. The lump on your finger may just be coincidental. Of course, I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to be but I know a lot about this condition and my best guess is that the lump didn't happen because of the tattoo but just appeared around the same time. Hope this helps, maybe you should call your doctor just to be sure. Good Luck.

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