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Protein Contact Dermatitis

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Question: Why don't they report condom related deaths? LATEX DEATHS THE FDA SAYS ONLY 1% OF LATEX DEATHS ARE REPORTED Delayed contact dermatitis from chemicals in rubber has been recognized since the 1930s.4 But except for rare early reports, clinicians did not appreciate systemic allergic reactions to latex proteins until 1979, when case reports began to appear in Europe. Latex allergy erupted in the United States shortly after the Centers for Disease Control introduced universal precautions in 1987. By late 1992, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) received 1133 reports of serious allergic reactions and anaphylaxis occurring to patients and health care staff associated with 30 classes of latex medical devices. There were 15 patient deaths associated with latex barium enema catheters. The FDA estimated that the reports represented only 1% of actual occurrences

Answer: Because not all people are allergic to latex, so they figure the small number of deaths due to it isn't enough to scare people from using them. The population would be greatly increased if it wasn't for condom's.

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