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Plaques Of Pregnancy

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Question: anyone ever have PUPP (pruritic uricarial papules and plaques) after pregnancy? I'm about 2 weeks post-partum and I have broken out with this wierd rash all over my stomach, thighs and behind.. what is this? Is this PUPP? it sounds like it but I'm not prego anymore what could this be? Is there a name for this? What is going on with me! Thank YoU!

Answer: Yes, PUPPS. Soooo sorry! I had it from 8 months pregnant to 6 weeks post partum. It's no fun. And I found absolutely nothing that helped. Other than benadryl, but that just knocked me out & you can't very well do that with a newborn! Ask your OB/GYN for advice on how to handle it.

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