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Neurologic Disease

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Question: My Canari is sick... what can i do? I have a male canari of two years and he's been acting very strange lately. Lost of energy, looks tired, sleeps during the day, he's bloated constantly, he sleeps inside he's food bowl but doesn't eat much. And finally, he lets himslef fall at the bottom of the cage and never reacts to us passing by. What kind of disease those he have? What can i do? We lost our female canari a month ago (she was only one year old) due to a neurologic disease (epileptic)... could that have shocked him?

Answer: You get him to an avian vet RIGHT NOW! That's the only kind of person who can figure out the problem and maybe save his life! Make sure he's warm until you get him there; sick birds use up a lot of energy trying to stay warm.

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