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Measles Rubeola

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Question: Rubeola (measles) testing ore vaccination? Does anyone know ifits possible to walk into a hospital and ask for a blood test to show measles (rubeola) immunity? Thanks SirSnoozeAlot, but what's an antibody? I am a dummy when it comes to health issues...I am trying to get into a university and they asked that i provide proof of rubeola immunity

Answer: You were more than likely immunized and if they want proof of that the local public health unit where your born and raised would still have the records. They can print it out for you. I went have a shot not long ago at my local health unit and they gave me a print out which showed every inoculation I ever received starting when I was two weeks old. If you were born before 1963 before the inoculation was available you probably ended up like most kids and actually had the measles and became immune the old fashioned way. In that case it would be documented in your medical records that your family doctor would have but often measles were just allowed to run it's course at home like some other childhood diseases without the doctor being consulted. If the university is requiring a test more than likely your personal physician or family doctor can give you a lab order,probably without you actually going in to see him or her. Then it would just be a matter of going to the outpatient section of your local hospital blood lab for the test. In developed countries, most children are immunized against measles at the age of 18 months, generally as part of a three-part MMR vaccine (measles, mumps, and rubella). A "booster" vaccine is then given between the ages of four and five. Vaccination rates have been high enough to make measles relatively uncommon

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