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Question: Lice?!?!?!?!? This girl in my school has lice and stink worst than a dead person and trust me you do not what to know what a dead person smells like. Plus her lice is like bigger than an adult's hand. What if I get it? What shoild I do? What happens if I get lice from my dog? How can my dog get lice? How xan I protect me from getting lice from my dog and the girl?

Answer: the girl if u two r in school..she is not allowed to be there! Maybe its just dandruff or dried up hair spray or gel??? Don't judge ppl!!!! If u see her scartching her head A LOT...ALOT...A LOT then she definetly has lice!!!!! Ur dog should be kept away from woods and places where he can get fleas etc. He should wear a collar and be cleaned with speacial shampoos for dogs regualrly. U have to stay away from the girl and anything like furry things like, couches and blankets. Bcuz they can get on such objects. And if u do get lice u have to use medicated shampoo like Nix. They can get on any type of hair dirty or clean but they prefer humans above all! The girl i sprobably just poor or has bad hygirnne and it dosn't mean she has lice!!!!! If u r not in high school then u should be getting checked for such things anyways.

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