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Question: Is there any joint exercises for a damaged knuckle joint? I damaged my little finger knuckle joint quite a while back, I thought overtime it would gradually become less painful but it hasn't. It doesn't hurt doing everyday tasks but I like to do boxercise and I can no longer hit pads or a heavy bag because the pain becomes excruciating. I've also noticed it tends to hurt more when my hand is cold? Is there any type of self physiotherapy I can do to 'strengthen' it again? This was about 3 months ago..

Answer: I had a very bad hand injury. A dog attacked my dog and she did not defend herself, I got stuck in and two of my figures were shattered. I had to have an op at a hospital which has a unit which specialises in hands. Apparently hand injures are very difficult and they are very slow to heal. I am having phiso therapy, this is also at the unit which specialises in hands and I have a sheet of diagrams which I can scan and send to you. I know that I will not be able to do this on Yahoo, however if you email me your primary email address I will do so.

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