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Hypersensitivity Vasculitis

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Question: What is wrong with me with thrombocytosis & neutrophilia? I noticed a muscle cramp on xmas in the back of my left ankle and a bruising feeling behind the ankle. After 10 days off my foot with no improvement, I decided to ignore the doctor (who said he thought I might not be able to walk again), threw away the crutches and started walking. WAlking is not making it worse, nor better. I've been for an xray, doppler, and ultrasound of bursa, and they've found nothing, but the pain behind my ankle is still there and the surrounding muscles are spasming. I also started experiencing numbness when I was sleeping. Today I got some blood test results back which indicate mild thrombocytosis, mild neutrophilia with a left shift and some poikilocytosis. I recall no trauma to my ankle...only injury I think could have caused it is from sitting on it (I've noticed I sit on that foot alot).. also had a bout of hypersensitivity vasculitis around xmas. Doc has no you? Any idea who I should get referral to...he's suggested nothing. Thanks I should have added that I'm supposed to fly overseas this month, and that I have a history of hypersensitivities/allergies. Should have added that the "rheumatoid factor" was negative, I've had/have no infection that I'm aware of, and other inflammatory markers aren't there.

Answer: neutrophilia and thrombocytosis suggest infection or inflammation. infections could be in the skin or bone (osteomyelitis). inflammation could be various types of arthritis including gout. see your doctor again.

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