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Question: Any teenagers out there with Homocystinuria? I have this disorder and was lookin to meet somepeople with my same medical problem. Leave me a message or email me.

Answer: You might want to take a look here: It's the New England Connection for PKU and Allied Disorders (those treated in a similar way, through diet & medical food.) They have a pretty good group for it. I don't have HCU, nor am I a teenager (24 actually) but I'm familiar with it and low-pro foods. A store where I used to pick up lunch before going to one of the radio stations where I worked (it was close, so I went there) had lots of specialized foods for metabolic disorders. I tried a few, some are really good! I became interested in the different metabolic disorders after that, and I like to learn about them. That's the thing about HCU, it isn't nearly common enough to warrant good size groups. I hope that link helped though...

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