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Dysplastic Nevus

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Question: dysplastic nevus???? what is it and how serious is it? what causes it? how common is it and what can it devlop into. it was byopsied and the dermatologist said it was precancerous adn moderate. i also am now supposed to wear sunscreen whenever i leave the house so im guessing it is caused by the sun

Answer: A dysplastic nevus is a mole that has changed in appearance. One really has to biospsy (take a sample) and examine it under a microscope to call it dsyplastic. There can be different degrees of dyplasia. It can be caused by age, sun, contact, or chemicals. It may become cancerous although most do not. It would need to be examined periodically by a dermatologist where they would measure it and take periodic pictures. If small it may simply be removed.

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