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Cheilitis Glandularis

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Question: Does Biopsy of Lips rule out Cheilitis Glandularis & Cheilities Granulomatosa? I have flaking lips. It peels off always when I eat something or get a shower. I have used Ointment, Santomet Ointment, Advantan Ointment, Kenacomb cream and some other lips balm but none of them could cure it. My lips were naturally bright red but now it color has been changed and have become big in size as well. I asked a Dermatology, he recommended me to take a Biopsy of my lips. He said that it will rule out Cheilitis Glandularis and Cheilities Granulomatosa. So my question is this that is it safe to take a Biopsy of my lips? Does it have any side effects? And if suppose I have it, will it really rule out Cheilitis Glandularis and Cheilities Granulomatosa? Thank you,

Answer: I don't know about the specific health condition you have mentioned, but I have seen badly flaking lips in men which is sometimes alleviated (somewhat) by increasing fluid intake (water) over a period of months as well as increasing essential fatty acids (from dark oily fish, or you can take capsules) along with using a good lip balm like paw paw at night time. Good luck with the biopsy if you decide to go for it!

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