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Bullous Pemphigoid

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Question: Bullous Pemphigoid?? I just found out that the skin condition that my boyfriend has is Bullous Pemphigoid. I was under the impression that he just had a bad skin condition and he was embarrassed by it and never really talked about it before. I researched it and discovered that it is an autoimmune disorder that is rare in young people but can be brought on by various things. I am 7 months pregnant and my question this genetic? Can it be passed on to our child? I have researched and researched and I haven't gotten a clear answer to my question. I am concerned about my daughter being pre-disposed to an autoimmune disorder. If anybody knows the answer...please help.

Answer: bullous pemphigoid,usually a illness of the aged.but as you know younger people can get the disease..unfortunately the disease can be hereditary.check with your doctor for possible treatments

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