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Bowen Disease

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Question: Bowen's Disease? Please help- im trying to research Bowen's Disease and I need a good link explaining the history. This includes how it was discovered and by who. I just need a link! if you just answer, I can't use it as a source. Thanks a lot!

Answer: Bowen's Disease is a sunlight induced disease, considered either as an early stage or intraepidermal form of " squamous cell carcinoma " ( skin cancer). The disease is named after Dr. John T. Bowen, the doctor who first described it. Causes: 1) Solar damage 2) Arsenic 3) Immunosuppression disorders, including AIDS 4) Viral Infection ( HPV = Human Papillomavirus, now linked to cervical cancer) 5) Chronic skin injury 6) Dermatoses ( any disorder of the skin, especially if associated with inflammation { redness & swelling} ) Here's a great website that should meet your requirements:… I hope that this is useful.

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