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Question: How does evolution allow baldness, and other unattractive physical attributes to happen? Wouldnt the parents pass down the genes to prevent baldness? Or acne? or obesity? Why does this happen if we are evolving through natural selection?

Answer: Read this about the evolution of baldness in primates (it's realy interesting!!) pasted exerpt: "Balding is not a uniquely human phenomenon. Several other species of primates also bald and, as in humans, it is more common in adult males than among females or the young. Shown above are the Chimp, Man, Uakari monkey, Stump-tailed macaque, and the Orang. Because of our particular attitudes toward aging we are accustomed to think of balding as a deterioration process - a symbol of senility, a byproduct of a general decline. Interestingly enough, this attitude prevails even among physicians, gerontologists, and physical anthropologists. In a culture that worships youth as ours does, it probably couldn't be otherwise, but there is more to balding than being a symptom of senescence. Among those other balding primates it seems to be a social badge of privilege, that is, an organic symbol of status. Its evolutionary history among human beings once followed this same pattern and became even more exaggerated."

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