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Bacterial Mouth Infections

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Question: Only professinals , please . Can amalgam fillings be the cause for a bacterial mouth infection ? I urgently need antibacterial lazer surgery done and need to know whether amalgam fillings could be the cause for it ? Thnaks for your help . Only professionals , please.

Answer: No, amalgam fillings are actually making a come back for many people. The tooth colored fills sound great, but don't last as long as amalgam fillings. People who tend to grind their teeth will find amalgam fillings last much longer than composite fillings. Amalgam fills have mercury, but are safer now b/c they are no longer mixed by hand. Composite fills may leak estrogenic effects. Neither produces bacteria. Having any restoration between your teeth or close to your gum line can allow food to easily stick to those areas which will harber bacteria. Fillings and crowns could all do this no matter what kind. The type of thing you describe would be caused usually by lack of flossing/ good oral hygiene practices, lack of regular dental cleanings allowing buildup beneath gumlines/bone loss, tobacco use, health problems such as diabetes can quickly cause problems.

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