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Avitaminosis A

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Question: early stages of avitaminosis?...? can anyone describe me few avitaminoses in their early stages? The earliest manifestation for them? whereever I looked all I could find was description of manifestations when the avitaminose is already frust.

Answer: A -Night blindness is the earliest from A deficiency. Psychological disorders also appear early-on. See the Merck Manual for many others… The American Ex-Prisoners of War web site has information available in laymans terms. See Presumptive Service Connected Disabilities, Public Law 97-37 (Layman’s Terms) at Avitaminosis - starvation - look up Ancel Keyes research If you have time to read - just about any book on Santo Tomas internment camp in WWII, Manila, where nearly 4000 allied civilians - children, men, and women, were within 3 weeks of death due to starvation, when they were liberated, will have 1st hand information.

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