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Atypical Mole

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Question: Anyone ever have a small group of atypical moles turn out to be nothing? I have a group of atypical moles on the top part of my thigh. The main one is a little bigger than a pencil eraser and is light brown with really dark brown/black freckle-looking spots inside and coming off the edge of the mole. It is very irregular in size and there are two more within 1/2-1 inch of that one that are doing the same thing. I also have a mole on my torso (about 2 inches below left breast) that semi-frequently scabs (eww, I know) and bleeds. I am really nervous to go and get them looked at, especially seeing as a family member (not extremely close, but not too distant either) just died of melanoma about 6 weeks ago. I was wondering if anyone ever had more than one atypical mole checked out and it be okay? Thanks!

Answer: I have several atypical moles that are nothing but they are checked on a routine basis. However, I have also had many basal cells, a rare multi-focal basal cell and a melanoma. Instead of being scared to go, you need to view a doctor visit as a possible life saver! If you have a melanoma, putting off the visit is only putting your life at risk. If treated early, it is totally curable! My melanoma was in 1983 and I have not had another since but I get checked yearly. Please see a dermatologist asap.

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