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Angioedema Hereditary

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Question: Does anyone have experience with a chlld with Hereditary Angioedema? My grandaugter was just diagnosed with Hereditary Angioedema. She's only seven. Anyone have experience with this disease?

Answer: Hi, i have a lot of family members with HAE including myself & there isnt anything they can actually do for kids that i know of, my nephew was put on danazol when he about 8 but his mother took him off it not long after because she didnt like the side affects (and there are many!). your grand daughter should be seeing a specialist at a childrens hospital for this illness, i was diagnosed with HAE when i was 8 and im now 31 & on danazol. its a terrible painful illness & i understand how your grand daughter feels when she's sick. feel free to contact me anytime :) Love Melanie xx

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