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Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma

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Question: Signs of and progression of death from large cell anaplastic lymphoma? Recurrence of fast-growing treatment yet due respiratory infection. CHOP chemo planned. See it spreading.....what are signs of impending death, timeline, and progression...either after a chemo or without? Would like someone's actual involvement w/patient. Just want to know what to watch for and prepare for as we go the journey.

Answer: This is a very difficult question to answer since every person progresses differently. It would also be helpful to know where your lymphoma is. Progression of the disease and the symptoms it causes depends on what organs it affects. For example, if you have a mass in your abdomen which extends to your liver, you might see symptoms like easy bruising or a condition called ascites which is a fluid buildup in the abdomen. One common symptom of lymphoma is edema, or swelling, which is usually seen in the limbs due to the lymph's inability to pass through the blocked lymph channels. Increasing fatigue is obviously another sign of failing health, but of course it is also a side effect of many treatments. Again, loss of appetite will occur, but this symptom can be caused by many factors which are not necessarily indicative of impending death. Ask your doctor to be frank with you if you want a specific time line, but know that he/she can only give an educated guess and that there is no way to be sure exactly how and when your disease will progress. I would also recommend hospice care if and when there comes a time when there are no more feasible treatment options. I found quite a lot of information about the signs of dying online, and one brief list at the following:… I wish the best for you and your family.

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