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Sjogrens Syndrome

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Question: What does a high sedementation rate mean to someone with SLE Lupus and Sjogren's Syndrome? I have both Lupus (SLE) and Sjogren's Syndrome (for 15 years). Recently, in a blood test, my Sed Rate was 40, and this really upset my GP. She has referred me to see my Rheumatologist ASAP. What can this mean besides "inflammation"? I am also anemic and have been since August. I'm on double iron and folic acid and still continue to be anemic. My hematologist just did a bone marrow test and I don't have the results yet. This past 5 months have been very bad and I'm afraid I have something new. Can anyone help?

Answer: It means your diseases are active and the SED rate is a marker to show inflammation in the body. SED rates are also elevated in people with active arthritis. Inflammation of the joints, and would be elevated during an infection. Your immune system is hyperactive with your type of diseases, and your SED rate is an indicator of your disease. The Rheumatologist is expert in this area of helping the active phase of your disease to subside.

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