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Question: Can paitents of heart sarcoidosis go into cardiac arrest in the hospital? I was wondering if paitents of heart sarcoidosis can go into cardiac arrest in a hospital? Is it still possible to go into cardiac arrest while in the hospital with it? My friend is in the hospital at the moment, and I havn't heard anything about him yet.

Answer: you can go into cardiac arrest anywhere. patients with sarcoidosis can have a heart attack that is different from the "norm" if you will. most heart attacks are caused by blocked coronary arteries. sarcoidosis can cause the heart muscle to get very thick and sometimes it grows over the arteries that supply blood to the heart. if the heart beats too fast it can block off its own blood flow and cause a heart attack. that's what happened to my mother. her coronary arteries were fine but she had a heart attack that they say was caused by the sarcoidosis.

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