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Nephritis Lupus

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Question: Does lupus nephritis always lead to hypertension? I'm just wondering if a person can have lupus nephritis without ever developing hypertension? I know that lupus itself does not necessarily to hypertension, but if you have kidney involvement, does that always cause hypertension, or can you have kidney involvement with developing high blood pressure?

Answer: I can answer this question with a very high degree of accuracy. Lupus Nephritis will always cause hypertension, eventually. That is to say that a person who has initial onset of Lupus Nephritis may not start out with hypertension but as the kidney's worsen, hypertension will definately follow. It is a cause and effect...when the kidney's lose their function, hypertension sets in. If a person has been diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis but they still don't have hypertension it's becasue the kidney's haven't been severely damaged yet. As the disease progresses hypertension will ensue.

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