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Linear Scleroderma

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Question: Has anyone ever heard of Linear Scleroderma? They thought I had it when I was younger because I white line appeared on my forehead right down the middle. This lone eventually turned red. they took a biopsy and said they couldnt find signs of it being Linear Scleroderma, but they did find clusters of blood vessles. I am now 21 and still have the red line and no clue what it is. Do you know of anyone with Linear Scleroderma? Thanks

Answer: Linear Scleroderma is a line of thickened skin which can affect the bones and muscles underneath it, thus limiting the motion of the affected joints and muscles. It most often occurs in the arms, legs, or forehead, and may occur in more than one area. Its most likely to be on just one side of the body. Linear Scleroderma generally appears in young children, and is characterized by the failure of one arm or leg to grow as rapidly as its counterpart.

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