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Question: What are some good treatment options for gout? I've had battles with gout off and on for a couple of years. I don't know why but the attacks always get worse when the weather warms up even a little bit. I never have an attack in the winter. I quit drinking so that should help. I haven't seen anything about drinking soda but I swear that when I drink soda my gout gets real bad. I can't take antiinflammatory drugs and this other medicine I've taken in the past takes the pain away but makes me sicker than a dog. The only thing that seems to help is cherry juice but I can only find it at the health food store for like $16 and it only lasts a couple of weeks. The cababage leaf thing was nasty and didn't do anything for my foot. I've had gout so bad I couldn't even walk from my car to the pharmacy to get my medicine. My question is what else works? Do I have to drink the actual cherry juice or could I take some sort of capsule? If you've had gout what has worked for you to prevent or cure the symptoms?

Answer: I wrote this answer in a previous question : I use all of the following remedies. But curently I use the Apple Cider Vinegar and regular celery intake as per below. Cherry juice can work but it is full of sugar. Eat fresh cherries. I have a section in my Gout Aware site Apple Cider Vinegar : 1 x tablespoon mixed with a table spoon of filtered water, make sure it is organic with "Mother" still in it , add honey to taste and take about an hour after a meal 3 times a day..this will regulate your pH levels and reduce them...clean your teeth also after using this as it stains..then after an attack reduce this to once a day. The vinegar also helps weight control. Drink Plenty of water ( filtered) 2 litres a day. This in its self can cease Gouty activity. Occasionally use Baking Soda ( small amounts only and not long term due to its salt content, 1 x teaspoon with a large glass of water only in the beginning of an attack ) Celery extract and celery oil blends. ( every day ) I use 3mg celery extract with 2 mls celery oil.. always seek a medical opinion before starting any low purine diet or taking any herb or medicine. check your medicines for side effects as there are many for any gout pills supplied by a doctor or health practitioner

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