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Question: What are the signs of arthritis and is it preventable? I had a serious wreck 10yrs ago and fractured my hip in several places and had to have major surgery. The doctor told me that I would be more suceptable to arthritis. I am now 32 and have been having for the last few yrs or so pain in my arms and legs but only at night when I am trying to sleep. Could this be the onset of arthritis? What are the signs? Thanks!

Answer: One of the signs of arthritis is when one has pain when they know the weather is going to change such as when it rains. Stiffness such as during cold weather can also be a symptom of arthritis. Some people notice their pain worse during the day and others at night too. This can often tie in to the weather as well. Sometimes swelling and redness can be symptoms of arthritis. As to how to prevent it once it starts the only thing that can be done is to minimize the amount of pain thru medication and other forms of treatment and sometimes exercise. Sometimes pain in the muscles can be a sign of arthritis too. When I first started out I didn't have the classic symptoms of arthritis. My problem was muscle pain in my thigh area. Whenever my arthritis acts up and I know it's going to be a bad flare I will often feel it in my thigh first and one way I'll know it is when I start to feel a burning sensation in that area and then the pain comes next. To learn even more about arthritis please check out: and

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