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Schizoaffective Disorder

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Question: Schizoaffective Disorder? So, after many years I finally admitted my paranoia to my psychiatrist. That in itself was incredibly hard, but now I'm being thrown the diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder. I had the diagnoses of bipolar type I and social phobia up until this time. I've been reading up on schizoaffective disorder and it scares me. I'm questioning whether or not I do have schizoaffective disorder or the paranoia is part of my social phobia or something else. I've always attributed my symptoms to my moods, now I'm being told that my mood syptoms overlap with some schizophrenic symptoms - warranting the diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder. Fristly, does anyone else have a diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder? Personal experience stories are much appreciated. Secondly, should I seek a second opinion on this diagnosis? The diagnosis was based upon my paranoia (generally about people always watching my every move) and because I was "hearing things". Not like most people think, I wasn't really hearing like, another person. It's more as if I'm arguing with myself and being too critical of my actions; also periodically I'll experience a strage episode. Almost like I were writing an autobiography. I'm thinking my pdoc got confused with the "hearing voices" bit, I've always thought this to be part of my social phobia. Which I'm pretty sure it is. Also, I don't have any close relatives with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder. The closest *any* of my relatives with known problems would be my aunt, who had psychotic disorder NOS (disappeared years ago, probably left the country) and my father, who has bipolar type II.

Answer: My partner was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia about 2 years ago, but now this is being changed to anxiety and paranoia. I would definately speak to another doctor, if possible, or even the same one and try to clearly explain what you mean. Unfortunately, as soon as you say 'hearing voices' all the old stereotypes leap up of mad-men and the Devil, but how many of us actually talk to ourselves, think aloud, or run things through our mind? You may just have an acute anxiety, especially in social situations that is linked more to your own self-esteem and confidence. Was there a trigger to all of this? Or is there an aspect of your life that you are over-anxious about? Reading the other responses, I would 100% agree and talk again to a proffessional, but perhpas write down what you want to get acroos first soyou don't become compliant and agree with everything they say.

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