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Primary Hypersomnia

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Question: How do I deal with depression? I understand that there must be like 50 different topics on this but I want an answer from what I'm actually going through(Some what). I'm still just a kid so if I say, "I think i have depression." Most people assume I'm an attention grabber and say that I'm not. It all started when I was about 5 when my mom left me, yes I probably have abandonment issues this may be a cause of why I have suspicions of having depression. I have most of the symptoms: Hypersomnia Not eating enough Lost interests in favorite activities Unable to focus Forgetful Unexplainable guild Thoughts of suicide I know maybe an answer or two will be something along the lines of, "You should go see a doctor and get some medication." The fact is, is that I don't want to tell my family or anyone for that matter. My dad(My primary care taker) has enough on his plate and worrying about me isn't going to help him very much. I guess my question would be; How do I deal with depression without telling anyone? (Also, since this is completely anonymous I can tell you guys.) I'd really appreciate someone who can answer me.

Answer: Okay, I've done the same thing you have before - gone online and taken a survey to see if I'm depressed - and there is no reason you should ignore the answer. If you think you are, you don't need a survey to tell you so (though it helps). The one major item I see on you list is thoughts of suicide. If you are honestly having these thoughts, even if you don't take them seriously, you know there is something wrong. Now, I completely agree that you shouldn't have to go on medication. It works, but you can also become depression-free without it, unless you have an actual chemical imbalance in your brain. You should start seeing someone to talk about these issues. There are plenty of therapists (not psychiatrists - they prescribe medicine) that can help you by talking out your situation. If you tell your Dad you want to see someone to talk about depression, he should respond by being relieved that you aren't bottling it up, and he won't have to worry about you because you'll be seeing someone and getting your emotion out. IF you feel uncomfortable talking to your Dad about this kind of thing, try starting to keep a diary. It seems ridiculous, but it really helps if you start every night writing down your feelings for the day, all of them, no editing, just as they come. It leaves you feeling emptier. You can also try rating each day how you feel at the end of the day - then, looking back, you can see generally how well you feel each day and you can tell if you really are depressed. Good luck with this - best wishes....

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