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Tension Headache

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Question: How do you get rid of a tension headache? I have this horrible tension headache but there are few meds I can take. I had a reaction to Excedrin tension headache and there are many cold medicines that don't react well. Unfortunately, I don't know until my ears swell up and turn numb while my body itches with hives and I have to go the er once again.

Answer: Try Head-On. I bought it as a fluke & was amazed at how well it works. You can also try Active-On. Rub it on the back of your neck & your shoulder blades. Amazing! Don't dwell on the tension. Worrying and/or getting upset about the fact that tension affects you only makes it worse. When you notice it smear on the Head/Active-On, shut your eyes & go away for a few minutes. Imagine you're on a beach or walking your dog or buying a new purse -- whatever makes you happy.

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