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Supranuclear Palsy

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Question: Can anyone help with information on proper diagnosis and treatment for Progressive Supranuclear palsy? mother recently diagnosed w/PSP - i have reason to suspect a hasty misdiagnosis and would like the best possible recommendations for proper course to follow.

Answer: The diagnosis of PSP is based on the physical examination (the eye movement problems are quite characteristic, but are not always present early in the disease course) and on ruling out other, similar movement disorders such as Parkinson's disease, Creuzfeld-Jacob disease etc. If I had any concerns about the diagnosis of one of my relatives, I would definitely seek second opinion from a trusted neurologist who is specializing in movement disorders. There is currently no effective treatment for PSP. Antiparkinsonian medications and antidepressant medications have been tried, with a little improvement in some patients. Supportive therapies can include walking aids, physical therapy, feeding tube placement. There are some research trials going on, you can check the National Institutes of Health website ( for the latest. Good luck to you and your mom. I added some links below.

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