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Myasthenia Gravis

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Question: Do you have myasthenia gravis and have either had a baby or are pregnant? What is your experience? My husband and I are trying to conceive and I have myasthenia gravis. I have discussed everything with my doctor but I want advice from women who have gone through it.

Answer: I personally am not going through this, but I do know another girl that is currently pregnant due in July with her second baby and she does have myasthenia gravis. She had to stop taking some of her medications while she is pregnant. She has some pretty rough days, but for the most part she is doing amazingly. She really wants this baby, and she says everything that she is going through is so worth it. She is very closely watched by her doctor and has biweekly Non Stress Tests, and biophysical fetal profiles. At around 25 weeks she had to be in the hospital for a week, but that quickly ended, and she was back at home in no time. I wish you lots of good luck with TTC.

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