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Herniated Disc

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Question: What can help a herniated disc in a dachshund? My 3 year old dachshund was diagnosed with a herniated disc in his neck last Monday. He was put on Prednisone for the pain and I was told no running, jumping, or climbing stairs for 3 weeks. He is currently being weaned off of the Prednisone. Today, he is experiencing pain while walking. Is there anything that I can do for him? Is it normal for him to be experiencing pain before he gets better? What else can I expect during the next few weeks?

Answer: he is probably experiencing pain because you are lowering the dose on the pred. if this is the case then it means that the steroid treatment wasnt effective and you need to talk to your vet about other options. really the next option is surgery which is very expensive and probably will need to be done by a specialist. your vet can recommend you to one in your area. there are other stronger steroids that you could try but really i would let your vet guide you in this as it is a very touchy subject. it is also very common in doxies. good luck and hope he feels better soon

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