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Question: Canadian Medical Websites? so i have a philosphy paper to write, and i was wondering if anybody new of any good Canadian Medical Websites that deal with the costs of having a diseae in canada. the prices of the doctor visits, medicine, chemo, ect. i know its not all free. for example, where would i find a price range in medical terms for raising a child with "huntingtons chorea" ??? my child would need medication, special doctorial treatments to larger centers (for arguments sake lest say Toronto), possibly wheelchairs/crutches/braces /surgeries...ect. where would i find a site to give me general numbers on how much a disease'd child would cost a parent. i know it sounds kinda crude, but its the easiest way to explain it. any help what so ever would be greatly appreciated. thanks guys :-)

Answer: You may find some of that information by browsing the Health Canada website, including their alphabetical index. Also check different organizations such as the Canadian Paraplegic Association, etc. Since health care in Canada is actually covered provincially, the costs for some of those items vary by province, and how much of it is covered also varies by province. Visits to a doctor, including to specialists, do not cost anything anywhere in Canada, and chemo is also free, as are radiation treatments, x-rays, MRIs, bone scans, CT scans, ultrasounds, surgeries, anesthetic, and many other treatments. Often physiotherapy and occupational therapy is also free for those with diagnosed disorders. Usually if anyone is referred to a larger center such as Toronto the travel is also usually paid for, and often for an accompanying family member as well. In many cases there is support for accommodations for family. Sometimes there is a hostel at the hospital where family can stay for a very reasonable rate, and sometimes for free. Sometimes there are programs to help families pay for assistive devices such as wheelchairs, crutches, etc. Crutches are often available on a "borrowing" basis. So in Canada the situation will vary from province to province, most things are covered by our medicare system, and there are some costs for things such as prescription medication, wheelchairs, etc. I hope this is of some help.

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