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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Question: How can I get relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? I am a personal trainer who works out alot. Lately I have developed what I believe is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. When I touch my wrist I can feel a tingling all the way at the top of my index finger. I hear there are surgical options but I don't want to take that route. What are some solutions for relief?

Answer: Personally I would head on down to the doctors for a consult before deciding anything. I'm sure they would gladly give you some options. I've had the same problem and my doctor told me personally that it wasn't that big of a deal. Just real annoying! Of course there is the option of surgery if it gets so unbearable, but she kind of talked me away from that decision straight away. She told me that another option though was a steroid injection that helped expand the nerve. Apparently that works well except it needs to be done every 4 months in order for it not to wear off. Could get annoying but I still think it's much better than being sliced open.. haha I just don't like the thought of surgery.. I'm a wuss, I know! As well as those there are also things like exercising the hand and putting on a wrist brace before going to bed. I'm not sure yet but I think I'll be going for the injection, hope this helped! Good luck!

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