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Alzheimers Disease

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Question: Is Alzheimer's disease the proof that most people live in false hope? The degredation of the mind due to Alzheimer's disease proves that the mind and, resultantly, the human consciousness are both transient things. Does this prove that most preconceived notions of an afterlife are fundamentally flawed? Most people believe that we will be able to perceive, evaluate and understand any kind of afterlife that may exist. But clearly, as Alzheimers proves, the mind cannot possibly survive without a functioning human body. It is a possibility that a kind of eternal soul lives on, but, surely, if the consciousness dies then the thing that makes you an individual, self-aware human will cease also. Opinions?

Answer: Alzheimer's is a physical manifestation of a deteriorating physical 'thing' and has nothing to do with philosophy as I see it . Losing ones self awareness in my opinion dose not cancel ones soul. Alzheimer's destroys the brain -the body cannot exist with out at least a partially functioning brain. My mother died of the effects of Alzheimer's and would react to discomfort until the end but did not seem to be aware of self or even of light and dark. Perhaps her soul---her self died long before her body died.

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