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Question: proteinuria? Your doctor calls with the results of your urinalysis and tells you that they found proteinuria, the presence of abnormal amounts of protein in your urine sample. What could have caused this? a. Abnormal active transport of protein in Bowman’s capsule. b. Abnormal active transport of protein in the loop of Henle. c. Abnormally high concentration of plasma proteins. d. Glomerulonephritis (inflammation of glomeruli) due to localized damage there.

Answer: Ans.D Since serum proteins are readily reabsorbed from urine, the presence of excess protein indicates either an insufficiency of absorption or impaired filtration. Nephritis has the effect of damaging and closing up the microscopic filters in the kidney. This means that in addition to various toxic waste products, the inflamed kidney filters out important proteins (larger molecules) from the blood. Therefore the characteristic symptom of nephritis is proteinuria — meaning the excessive removal of protein from the blood and its excretion in urine.glomerulonephritis is inflammation is of the glomeruli ,the basic filtration unit of the kidney. (Often when the term "nephritis" is used without qualification, this is the condition meant.

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