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Hyperchloremic Acidosis

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Question: A medical question...? "burn patients can be resuscitated with crystalloid, specifically LR solution.normal saline should be avoided, as the volumes required for resuscitation invariably lead to a complicating hyperchloremic metabolic acidosis"...can you explain why?

Answer: The previous answere is incorrect. Lactated Ringers is also a saline solution containing 0.9% NaCl, the same as Normal Saline. (I just checked our bags, so I am sure.) I have spoken with several doctors in our area, and while most like LR for burn patients, a few prefer to use standard NS. It was explained to me that the lactate in LR keeps the fluid in the circulatory system longer and prevents it's rapid movement to the interstitial spaces. This allows the kidneys to deal with excess fluid volume and prevents many metabolic issues. Hope this helps.

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