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Chronic Renal Failure

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Question: If someone has acute renal failure what factors would cause it to progress to chronic renal failure? My mom has had an ulcer on her leg for sometime. It got infected right before her vacation and 3 days later she came back home disoriented, with fever and acute renal failure (kidney failure). This was nearly a month ago. (Sept. 20th) What would cause her to progress to chronic renal failure and have to be on dialysis for the rest of her life????

Answer: Renal failure can occur for many different reasons. The chance of reversal depends on the cause. Acute renal failure can occur from decreased blood flow to the kidney, structural damage to the kidney or obstruction of urine flow from the kidney. These conditions can be caused by various things such as dehydration, congestive heart disease, infection and medications. Sometimes treating the underlying problem or removing the offending agent is enough to improve kidney function. However, sometimes the damage to the kidney is too severe to be reversed resulting in chronic renal failure.

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