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Question: Why are ABO transfusion reactions so strong? I am in a medical technology program and I just recently started my immunohematology (blood banking) class. My first exam is in a couple days and I just had a question. Anti-A and Anti-B are mostly IgM antibodies and IgM are cold ab that react at a lower temp than body. So why are transfusion reactions(body temp) so strong?

Answer: when u perform antibody reactions in the lab u are working with a drop of blood. observe this under the microscope a nd u will see thousands of cells clotted. now imagine a whole bottle of blood ie a whole bottle of antibodies reacting with abt 5litres of blood present in the body. it causes the clumping of blood cells everywhere. the body is only 37C which allows these reactions to occur quite normally because the reactions are actually supposed to protect the body from foreign blood cells at body temperature. in the lab u use a cooler temperature so as not to denature the antibodies (proteins) and thus increasing the shelf life of the commercial antibodies.

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